This is the cover of the picture book "Fanny im Regenglück".
Written by myself in Spanish, it was first published in German by Atlantis.
It has also been published in Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Danish and Italian.
Picture book cover of Fanny im Regenglück (Fanny and the Rain), illustrated and written by Cinta Villalobos.

Cover of the German edition of the picture book "Fanny im Regenglück".

Fanny loves rainy days! When everyone flees under the roof, she grabs a rain jacket and umbrella. Outside she discovers the colors of the clouds, the smell of the clean air, the moisture on her skin.
Fred, the bear, in a grumpy mood, trots after Fanny. But then they walk together through drizzle and storms, splash with puddles of water and paddle through puddles.
And when a ray of sun breaks through the clouds, the rain sparkles in all colors. Sometimes it even happens that it doesn't rain. Fanny is also pleased because it also means that rain will soon fall again.
The serenity of the illustrations is contagious. Forget the weather report, enjoy this book!